What Is Garlicoin


Garlicoin is hot out of the oven and ready to serve you with its buttery goodness.
Forked from LTC, this decentralized cryptocurrency with no new technology (except it's ASIC resistant!!) will help you through the darkest times in your life.
This is the coin you never thought you needed, and you probably don't.

What is it?

Okay, for real, Garlicoin is a new cryptocurrency created by the Garlicoin Team.
It is a fork (modified version) of litecoin and therefore works very similarly to it.
You can find the official source code for it on Github


Wallets are where people keep their Garlicoin addresses in. They are usually composed of two keys (long strings of data), one private and one public. The public key is used to receive Garlicoin; give that address to anyone who wishes to send you Garlicoin. The private key is used for people to send Garlicoin; keep that address secret because it gives access to all your Garlicoins. Usually, the private key will be hidden and is stored in a secret place (which only the owner should have access).

As long as the owner knows his private key and other identifying information, they can use their wallet anywhere (on any computer). Garlicoin are not stored in a file, they are just kept track of by everyone on the network. That means that deleting a Garlicoin installation will not remove any Garlicoin. The owner just needs the private key (usually stored in a wallet.dat file) to recover their coins.


Mining, in cryptocurrency, is the process of verifying that a transaction is valid using computer calculations. For each verification a miner makes, they get a small amount of newly created Garlicoin for their "hard" work.
You can learn more about how blockchain works here.

Miners can only use their CPU (Processor) and GPU (Graphics Card) to mine Garlicoin as it is ASIC resistant; meaning that it will try to block mining on mining-specific hardware.

Test-Net vs Main-Net

If you had a wallet during the Testing period, you need to make sure that you use a Main-Net address (should start with a G).

Where to Start?

First you will need to get a Wallet, many options are available so take your time and chose wisely.
If you want to mine, you will need to setup the Wallet and then setup a miner.