Where To Start

Step 1: Learn

First, you might want to learn more about Garlicoin, which you can do here.

Step 2: Wallet

Once you have done that, you will want to get a Wallet (so you can have your own GRLC).
We officially support two types wallets: Core and Garlium.

There is also an online wallet, which is easier to use, and works anywhere. But it doesn't support Solo Mining very well, and is a bit less secure (because it's online).

Step 3: Mining

If you want to mine, you need to learn more about the different choices you will have to make when mining, you can do so here.
Once you know what you want to do (CPU vs GPU, Solo vs Pool), then you can choose its corresponding guide.
GPU Pool Mining is recommended as it has the highest success rate.

Step 4: Donate!

If I helped you, please consider donating to me (@Pandawan#4158):